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Multipara Meter Instrument


We offer range of water and waste water quality monitoring instrument for water / waste water parameters such as pH, mv, ORP, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, DO, Temperatures & ISE ( Ion selective electrode ). We can choose single instrument for single parameter or all parameters in one instrument wich is called multiparameter water quality checker.

10_10_e乐彩通用版下载 Model Mp-8 and Mp-9 both are benchtop multiparameter instruments for pH, mv, ORP, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, DO, Temperatures & Mp-9 has extra facility of measurement with ISE ( Ion selective electrode ).

Model MP-8

Model MP-9

Main Features

GLP Compliant.

Micro-Controller Based.

Multi-point Calibration.

10_10_e乐彩通用版下载 Automatic Temp. Compensation.

10_10_e乐彩通用版下载 Large Colored Graphic Display.

Self Diagnostic Messages.

10_10_e乐彩通用版下载 PC connectivity.

10_10_e乐彩通用版下载 Inbuilt Battery Back-up.

10_10_e乐彩通用版下载 Date/time stamped calibration report.