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pH / Conductivity Meter


2 in 1 instrument for pH & Conductivity.

In the pH mode it is work as pH meter and in the conductivity mode it will work as Conductivity Meter10_10_e乐彩通用版下载 and by using suitable factor it will work as Conductivity TDS Meter. All together it is benchtop pH / conductivity / TDS Meter.

10_10_e乐彩通用版下载 This is a combined instrument for pH & conductivity. The features of pH Meter & conductivity meter are combined in one single instrument giving a price advantage. Buying pH CON is definitely cost effective than buying two separate instruments - Accu pH 3 ( for pH ) & COT 2 (for conductivity). All the commonly required parameters - pH, ORP, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity can be measured with this single instrument. The general specifications are same as that of all other instruments in this family.

Remove pH Ion Meter : Model PI-5 for ION selective electrodes from that & insert a new link in general laboratory instruments in the last.